Warmer Welcomes

Enjoy seamless privileges across Taj and Shangri-La hotels worldwide with our award winning alliance

  • Bringing you the most quintessential of experiences is at the heart of everything that we do. Inspired by this ever-evolving adventure, we have partnered with another iconic brand in Shangri-La to create a new loyalty offering called Warmer Welcomes.
  • By simply connecting your Taj InnerCircle membership with the Golden Circle guest loyalty programme, this industry-first alliance gives you greater recognition whenever you travel, along with seamless access to benefits and privileges on a scale never seen before.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to earn and redeem points across 200 hotels in 27 countries and 131 destinations worldwide. If you are a TIC member, you can enjoy the perks of your tier status not only when you stay at Taj, Vivanta and The Gateway Hotels, but also at any Shangri-La hotel.


  • Earn 4 Taj InnerCircle Points for each USD 5 spending when staying at any Shangri-La hotel.


  • Convert and redeem points easily between Taj InnerCircle and Golden Circle.
    100 TIC Award Points = 38 GC Points


  • TIC members enjoy the perks of elite status match across all Taj and Shangri-La hotels.
    TIC Gold = GC Jade
    TIC Platinum = GC Diamond

During the account linking process, you will be asked to select a Primary Account, this will define your tier level reclassification each year.

Link your Taj InnerCircle and Golden Circle accounts

Log in to your Taj InnerCircle account and link to your Golden Circle account.


Your primary account will define your tier level reclassification every year. As a Taj InnerCircle Gold or Platinum member, you are now also entitled to the Golden Circle Jade or Diamond membership. If you select Taj InnerCircle as your primary account, your Golden Circle tier level match will only be awarded when you maintain your Taj InnerCircle Gold or Platinum tier.