The Earning and Redemption options


Members earn points according to their tier Click Here.

  • Point Expiry - All points earned on or after 15th June 2015 will not expire provided the member is active.
  • Active Member - An active member is defined as a member with at least 1 paid eligible room night at any Taj Group hotel* in a rolling 12 month period.
  • Outstanding Points - All outstanding points earned before 15th June 2015 will expire on 15th June 2017 irrespective of member activity.

A summary of the Earning rules is below. For details, please Click Here.

Eligible Spends**

  • Room Nights on eligible rates
  • Food & Beverage (In room, restaurants and bars)
  • Spa
  • Chambers
  • Business Centre
  • Telecommunication & Internet
  • Taj Khazana

Ineligible Spends**

  • Airline crew rates
  • Online travel agent bookings
  • Group rates or organised tours
  • Wholeseller or contracted travel agent rates
  • Conferences and Weddings
  • Banquets
  • Taj Gift Cards or Taj Vouchers
  • Complimentary Services
  • Cars
  • Salons
  • Stays at Wellington Mews

*Taj Group hotels here refer to the list of hotels Click Here.

**Please refer to the detailed terms and conditions Click Here.


Points earned can be redeemed on a host of redemption options Click Here.

Taj Redemptions

  • Room Redemptions - NO BLACKOUTS
  • Real time redemptions at hotels - NEW
  • Taj Gift Vouchers
  • Taj Experiences

Partner Redemptions

  • Partner Holidays
  • Bespoke Merchandise
  • Partner Vouchers
  • Gift to charity

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