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Introducing the all new DYNAMIC REDEMPTION RATES - Just choose your hotel and travel dates and we will offer you the best possible redemption rate as per your tier and time of travel.

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  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Fatehabad Road Agra
    Description: Experience the legendary Taj Mahal while you ...Know More.
    Points: 821 TIC or 411 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G1
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Pasumalai Madurai
    Description: A haven of solitude and relaxation, the hotel...Know More.
    Points: 1175 TIC or 588 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G10
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Old Port Road Mangalore
    Description: This beautiful hotel overlooks the picturesqu...Know More.
    Points: 943 TIC or 472 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G11
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Ambad Nashik
    Description: Your perfect choice of hotel in India's wine ...Know More.
    Points: 1428 TIC or 714 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G12
  • Hotel Name: Savoy Hotel, Ooty
    Description: Experience the "Queen of hill stations", one...Know More.
    Points: 1121 TIC or 561 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G13
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Akota Gardens Vadodara
    Description: Take a package for two at the Taj Residency V...Know More.
    Points: 912 TIC or 456 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G15
  • Hotel Name: Taj Ganges, Varanasi
    Description: Explore one of the oldest living cities of th...Know More.
    Points: 1012 TIC or 506 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G16
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Janardhanapuram Varkala
    Description: Take a package for two at Taj Garden Retreat,...Know More.
    Points: 1154 TIC or 577 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G17
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Beach Road Visakhapatnam
    Description: Situated on the sea front and offering panora...Know More.
    Points: 1269 TIC or 635 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G18
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Athwalines Surat
    Description: Situated on the banks of river Tapti, Surat i...Know More.
    Points: 1430 TIC or 715 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G19
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel MG Road Vijayawada
    Description: The perfect hotel in the city for the busines...Know More.
    Points: 1145 TIC or 573 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G21
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Residency Road Bangalore
    Description: Few hotels can rival its excellent location i...Know More.
    Points: 1612 TIC or 806 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G3
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Beach Road Calicut
    Description: Set amidst groves of green coconut palms and ...Know More.
    Points: 972 TIC or 486 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G4
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel KM Road Chikmagalur
    Description: Perched on the gentle slopes of the Sahayadri...Know More.
    Points: 1162 TIC or 581 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G5
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Church Road Coonoor
    Description: Nestled amidst rolling mountains and lush gre...Know More.
    Points: 1288 TIC or 644 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G6
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Marine Drive Ernakulam
    Description: Offering stunning views of the sea, the sunse...Know More.
    Points: 1094 TIC or 547 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G7
  • Hotel Name: SMS Hotel, Jaipur
    Description: Adjacent to the SMS Function Centre and Ramba...Know More.
    Points: 847 TIC or 424 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G8
  • Hotel Name: Hotel Chandela
    Description: Stay at this hotel and enjoy easy access to t...Know More.
    Points: 1071 TIC or 536 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: G9
  • Hotel Name: Taj Bangalore, Bengaluru
    Description: Taj Bangalore offers some of the city's fines...Know More.
    Points: 1815 TIC or 908 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTBLRTB
  • Hotel Name: Taj Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru
    Description: Discover the most happening restaurants which...Know More.
    Points: 1815 TIC or 908 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTBLRYE
  • Hotel Name: Taj Santacruz, Mumbai
    Description: Taj Santacruz, Mumbai offers authentic luxury...Know More.
    Points: 2737 TIC or 1369 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTBOMTS
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel E M Bypass Kolkata
    Description: The Gateway EM Bypass Kolkata welcomes you to...Know More.
    Points: 1190 TIC or 595 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTCCUEM
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Surya, Coimbatore
    Description: Vivanta by Taj - Surya, Coimbatore has all th...Know More.
    Points: 1226 TIC or 613 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTCJBVI
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Resort Damdama Lake Gurgaon
    Description: Come experience nature woven beautifully in t...Know More.
    Points: 7359 TIC or 3680 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTDELDA
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Dwarka, New Delhi
    Description: Configure Vivanta by Taj - Dwarka, New Delhi....Know More.
    Points: 3000 TIC or 1500 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTDELDW
  • Hotel Name: Taj City Centre, Gurugram
    Description: Vivanta by Taj - Gurgaon, NCR is not just a M...Know More.
    Points: 3000 TIC or 1500 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTDELGU
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Surajkund, NCR
    Description: It's all about steps. Stylish steps. Relaxing...Know More.
    Points: 1669 TIC or 835 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTDELSU
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Gir Forest
    Description: Once at Gateway Gir Forest, experience the be...Know More.
    Points: 3943 TIC or 1972 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTDIUGF
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Guwahati, Assam
    Description: Allow your senses to soak in the spirit of th...Know More.
    Points: 2460 TIC or 1230 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTGAUTG
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Lakeside Hubli
    Description: The Gateway Hotel Lakeside Hubli welcomes you...Know More.
    Points: 2535 TIC or 1268 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTHBXHU
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Begumpet, Hyderabad
    Description: Vivanta by Taj - Begumpet, Hyderabad, has all...Know More.
    Points: 1522 TIC or 761 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTHYDVI
  • Hotel Name: Taj Madikeri Resort and Spa, Coorg
    Description: Lose yourself in the beauty that is Coorg at ...Know More.
    Points: 3500 TIC or 1750 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTIXECO
  • Hotel Name: Taj Bekal Resort and Spa, Kerala
    Description: The keyhole-shaped fort at Bekal shows the wa...Know More.
    Points: 2900 TIC or 1450 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTIXEVI
  • Hotel Name: Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, Andamans
    Description: Occupying 46 acres on the famed Radhanagar Be...Know More.
    Points: 5000 TIC or 2500 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTIXZTA
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Resort Pushkar Bypass Ajmer
    Description: Nestled in the heart of Rajasthan in a pictur...Know More.
    Points: 1766 TIC or 883 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTJAIAJ
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Ramgarh Lodge Jaipur
    Description: Step into the world of the Maharajas. The Gat...Know More.
    Points: 1600 TIC or 800 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTJAIRL
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Jodhpur
    Description: A tribute to the architectural heritage of Jo...Know More.
    Points: 3324 TIC or 1662 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTJDHGH
  • Hotel Name: St. James' Court, A Taj Hotel, London
    Description: Crisp and elegant, with an easy charm that's ...Know More.
    Points: 4467 TIC or 2234 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTLONSJ
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel IT Expressway Chennai
    Description: The Gateway IT Expressway Chennai offers you ...Know More.
    Points: 1195 TIC or 598 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTMAAGH
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Balaghat Road Gondia
    Description: The Gateway Hotel Balaghat Road Gondia is the...Know More.
    Points: 2493 TIC or 1247 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTNAGGO
  • Hotel Name: Taj Tashi, Bhutan
    Description: Set in the heart of the Thimphu Valley, the T...Know More.
    Points: 8804 TIC or 4402 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTPBHTT
  • Hotel Name: Taj Corbett Resort and Spa, Uttarakhand
    Description: Experience nature up close at this picturesqu...Know More.
    Points: 2856 TIC or 1428 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTPGHCO
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Hinjawadi Pune
    Description: The Gateway Hinjawadi Pune beckons you to the...Know More.
    Points: 6647 TIC or 3324 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTPNQHI
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel GE Road Raipur
    Description: The Gateway GE Road Raipur welcomes you to th...Know More.
    Points: 4735 TIC or 2368 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTRPRGE
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Dal View, Srinagar
    Description: There is no sight more magical than Srinagar ...Know More.
    Points: 9200 TIC or 4600 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTSXRSR
  • Hotel Name: Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur
    Description: The Vintage coupe glides to a stop at the lak...Know More.
    Points: 10200 TIC or 5100 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTUDRTL
  • Hotel Name: Taj Nadesar Palace, Varanasi
    Description: Set amidst verdant gardens, mango orchards, m...Know More.
    Points: 5700 TIC or 2850 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: HLTVNSNP
  • Hotel Name: Taj Dubai
    Description: Take in the Arabian shopping bazaars, the cul...Know More.
    Points: 2906 TIC or 1453 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: I1
  • Hotel Name: Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences, London
    Description: The most spacious luxury accommodation in the...Know More.
    Points: 8092 TIC or 4046 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: I2
  • Hotel Name: Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, Maldives
    Description: An exclusive, private and romantic island res...Know More.
    Points: 13211 TIC or 6606 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: I3
  • Hotel Name: The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York
    Description: Welcome to this iconic flagship of the Taj Ho...Know More.
    Points: 38312 TIC or 19156 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: I5
  • Hotel Name: Taj Boston
    Description: The Crown Jewel of Boston Hotels, renowned fo...Know More.
    Points: 4870 TIC or 2435 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: I6
  • Hotel Name: Taj Campton Place, San Francisco
    Description: Bask in classical European charm, with a dist...Know More.
    Points: 2594 TIC or 1297 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: I7
  • Hotel Name: Taj Cape Town
    Description: Stay at the vibrant heart of one of the world...Know More.
    Points: 2594 TIC or 1297 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: I8
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Aurangabad, Maharashtra
    Description: Explore the World Heritage Sites of Ellora an...Know More.
    Points: 1488 TIC or 744 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L1
  • Hotel Name: Taj Mahal Tower, Mumbai
    Description: Offering panoramic views of the Arabian Sea a...Know More.
    Points: 2618 TIC or 1309 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L10
  • Hotel Name: Taj Palace, New Delhi
    Description: Nestled in six acres of lush greens in the ex...Know More.
    Points: 2609 TIC or 1305 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L11
  • Hotel Name: Taj Mahal, New Delhi
    Description: Reflecting the heritage of Mughal Delhi, this...Know More.
    Points: 2386 TIC or 1193 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L12
  • Hotel Name: Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad
    Description: Built by the prime minister of Hyderabad, lat...Know More.
    Points: 12000 TIC or 6000 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L14
  • Hotel Name: Taj West End, Bengaluru
    Description: Take a package for two at The Taj West End, B...Know More.
    Points: 3146 TIC or 1573 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L2
  • Hotel Name: Taj Coromandel, Chennai
    Description: Understated elegance. Unmatched luxury. Perso...Know More.
    Points: 2153 TIC or 1077 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L3
  • Hotel Name: Taj Usha Kiran Palace, Gwalior
    Description: In Gwalior a 120-year-old palace that has pla...Know More.
    Points: 1428 TIC or 714 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L4
  • Hotel Name: Taj Krishna, Hyderabad
    Description: Explore the city of the Nizams from this opul...Know More.
    Points: 2072 TIC or 1036 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L5
  • Hotel Name: Rambagh Palace, Jaipur
    Description: Experience the royal life at the former abode...Know More.
    Points: 12000 TIC or 6000 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L6
  • Hotel Name: Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur
    Description: The Maharaja of Jodhpur invites you to experi...Know More.
    Points: 12200 TIC or 6100 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L7
  • Hotel Name: Taj Bengal, Kolkata
    Description: An oasis of tranquility in the bustling city ...Know More.
    Points: 1904 TIC or 952 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L8
  • Hotel Name: Taj Lands End, Mumbai
    Description: Experience glitter, glamour, elegance and sty...Know More.
    Points: 2499 TIC or 1250 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: L9
  • Hotel Name: Taj M G Road, Bengaluru
    Description: Located in the heart of Bangalore, with a vie...Know More.
    Points: 2030 TIC or 1015 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P1
  • Hotel Name: Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, Goa
    Description: Discover bliss for you and your family at the...Know More.
    Points: 18600 TIC or 9300 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P10
  • Hotel Name: Taj Holiday Village Resort and Spa, Goa
    Description: The days never seem long enough at the Taj Ho...Know More.
    Points: 10500 TIC or 5250 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P11
  • Hotel Name: Taj Banjara, Hyderabad
    Description: Situated in Banjara Hills, overlooking its ow...Know More.
    Points: 1230 TIC or 615 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P12
  • Hotel Name: Taj Deccan, Hyderabad
    Description: Take a package for two at the Taj Deccan. Loc...Know More.
    Points: 1517 TIC or 759 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P13
  • Hotel Name: Taj Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur
    Description: Travel into the past and witness the grandeur...Know More.
    Points: 5888 TIC or 2944 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P14
  • Hotel Name: Taj Hari Mahal, Jodhpur
    Description: The Marwar style architecture, Moghul-inspire...Know More.
    Points: 1210 TIC or 605 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P15
  • Hotel Name: Taj Green Cove Resort and Spa, Kovalam
    Description: The sun warms the sands of the beautiful beac...Know More.
    Points: 9000 TIC or 4500 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P16
  • Hotel Name: Taj Kumarakom Resort and Spa, Kerala
    Description: Uncover over a century of history and heritag...Know More.
    Points: 10800 TIC or 5400 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P17
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Rebak Island, Langkawi
    Description: A private island experience awaits you at thi...Know More.
    Points: 2371 TIC or 1186 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P18
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
    Description: Its architecture reflects the glories of Nawa...Know More.
    Points: 2052 TIC or 1026 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P19
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Bentota, Sri Lanka
    Description: On the southern coast of Sri Lanka, this char...Know More.
    Points: 3691 TIC or 1846 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P2
  • Hotel Name: Taj Pamodzi, Lusaka
    Description: Set amidst tropical gardens in the heart of L...Know More.
    Points: 3000 TIC or 1500 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P20
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Coral Reef, Maldives
    Description: A hip, luxurious yet affordable solution to h...Know More.
    Points: 9326 TIC or 4663 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P21
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta President, Mumbai
    Description: Bubbling with big-city delight, this five sta...Know More.
    Points: 1726 TIC or 863 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P22
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Ambassador, New Delhi
    Description: Take a special package for two at Vivanta by ...Know More.
    Points: 1657 TIC or 829 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P23
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Blue Diamond, Pune
    Description: Nestled in lush green surroundings in the sce...Know More.
    Points: 1416 TIC or 708 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P24
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Sawai Madhopur Lodge
    Description: This 70-year-old hunting lodge exudes an air ...Know More.
    Points: 1404 TIC or 702 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P25
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Trivandrum, Kerala
    Description: The hotel is 10kms from the Airport and 1.5 k...Know More.
    Points: 1428 TIC or 714 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P27
  • Hotel Name: Taj Club House, Chennai
    Description: Located on Clubhouse road - famous for its ma...Know More.
    Points: 1558 TIC or 779 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P28
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Whitefield, Bangalore
    Description: Offering comprehensive business facilities, a...Know More.
    Points: 2030 TIC or 1015 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P29
  • Hotel Name: Taj Chandigarh, Chandigarh
    Description: Located in Sector 17, the city's prime busine...Know More.
    Points: 1832 TIC or 916 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P3
  • Hotel Name: Vivanta Panaji, Goa
    Description: There is a jewel box of experiences nestled i...Know More.
    Points: 5950 TIC or 2975 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P30
  • Hotel Name: Taj Fisherman's Cove Resort & Spa, Chennai
    Description: It must have been an hourglass that broke an...Know More.
    Points: 5800 TIC or 2900 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P4
  • Hotel Name: Taj Connemara, Chennai
    Description: Colonially elegant and infused with design to...Know More.
    Points: 1539 TIC or 770 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P5
  • Hotel Name: Taj Malabar Resort and Spa, Kochi
    Description: The tantalising aroma of spices lingers in th...Know More.
    Points: 6640 TIC or 3320 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P6
  • Hotel Name: The Gateway Hotel Airport Garden Colombo
    Description: Set in the midst of a 38-acre coconut plantat...Know More.
    Points: 2013 TIC or 1007 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P7
  • Hotel Name: Taj Samudra, Colombo
    Description: Nature blooms in every corner, while rich Ind...Know More.
    Points: 4530 TIC or 2265 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P8
  • Hotel Name: Taj Fort Aguada Resort and Spa, Goa
    Description: The ramparts of the 16th-century Fort Aguada ...Know More.
    Points: 10100 TIC or 5050 Epicure Onwards
    Item Code: P9